Childcare guide

Childcare guide


Unparalleled comfort for home-based childcare

The babysitter you hire will be your Mary Poppins! The nanny’s time at home is in fact entirely devoted to your children (and those of any other family in shared custody): she adapts to their rhythm of sleep, play, etc.

What’s more, your children are kept in their own environment: they have their own toys, sleep in their own beds, eat in their own high chairs, etc.

Your children are at your home all week to be looked after: no need to wake them up early, get them dressed, etc., and in the evening to pick them up, take them home in the cold, and so on, further more on

Parents are happier than ever!

Thanks to this type of childcare, no more parental rush in the mornings and evenings… It’s no longer necessary to get up an hour earlier to prepare your baby’s breakfast, get him/her dressed, etc. In the evening, you go home and find a child already washed, having had dinner and already in pyjamas. All you have to do is spend a real moment of happiness with your child before bedtime!

If, on top of that, your home childcare professional does a bit of housework for you, you’ll come home in the evening and find a clean house, a calm and quiet baby, after a peaceful day where he/she hasn’t had to endure the constraints of the family.



An ideal form of childcare for families with two or more children

Home childcare is a very advantageous method of childcare. Being no more expensive than other types of childcare, it allows you to benefit from real living comfort and organisation, while avoiding your children being separated from each other all day long!

Your elder children, who cannot be cared for in a daycare centre, can go home every night! And if need be, they have someone to help them with their homework.

Your youngest child is in the first year of kindergarten and can’t stand this hectic pace? The nanny at home can go and fetch him every noon, and allow him to take a nap at your home in the afternoon!

Your big boy doesn’t eat anything in the canteen? The nanny at home can allow him to have lunch with you and enjoy a good “home-cooked meal”!

How much do home childcare services cost?

As explained on, shared custody is often a good way to reduce the cost of a home-based chaildcare worker if you only have one baby. On the other hand, if you have several children, you will have to take into account the fact that the cost remains approximately the same, unlike other types of care. 

Home childcare has its own drawbacks

Here are three of the main drawbacks to home babysitting compared to other forms of childcare out there.

childcare can be more expensive

Home childcare can be more expensive

If you only have one child under the age of 3, having your child cared for at home can be more expensive than other forms of child care, especially if you are not in shared custody.

You will become a employer

When you hire a childcare professional, you become an employer…with all the responsibilities that this term implies. It is up to you to manage the contract, the paid holidays etc.

No real training and qualifications

No real training and qualifications

Most home babysitters have no real training or qualifications. Their skills most often come from experience. But after all, isn’t this the best school there is, the school of life?

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