What's behind that strange name? Quite simply an excellent way to combine business with pleasure. Becoming an au pair allows you to travel, improve your language skills while working with children from a host family for a monetary or in-kind remuneration. On paper, being an au pair in an English city like London for example seems really interesting in many ways, but in reality, is it as beneficial as it seems? What do I need to do to become an au pair in England? What are the advantages?

Why become an au pair in England?

The United Kingdom is a sublime country that many people would like to visit one day but the daily life, the lack of money... can be a hindrance to your fulfilment. On the other hand, when you are a student, you fear your entry into the world of work. The Au Pair can be a very good start is the mastery of a foreign language, which is attracting more and more business leaders. An au pair stay in England will therefore allow you to improve your English language skills, take classes, discover a new culture and a way of life different from your own, and enjoy a unique, unforgettable and enriching experience. London being one of the most popular destinations for au pairs, let's focus on this city in particular! But as a French au pair, you can, as a French au pair, be eligible for a stay in other destinations such as Wales, for example.

What are the conditions to become an au pair in London?

To become an au pair in London, you need to be familiar with the different conditions of acceptance. First of all you must be between 18 and 27 years old, have your driving licence, have the Baccalaureate, have a clean criminal record and have at least 200 hours of childcare experience. On top of that, you will have to show great motivation and prove your love for children. This is very important because without it you will not be able to find a host family.

What are the advantages of becoming an au pair in London?

Improve your English

The advantages of practising this profession are particularly numerous. By becoming an au pair in London, you have the opportunity to visit a beautiful city, to discover a new culture from the inside since you will live for 12 months (maximum) with a family. Your English will also improve since the best way to learn a language is to speak it over and over again, so with English as a bonus, you can't dream of anything better. This is a total immersion language stay

Enjoy your stay

On the benefits side, you will benefit from full accommodation (board and lodging) by the family, pocket money per week, English lessons, remuneration in cash or in kind, paid holidays, free time... When the children are at school and you don't have any more household chores to do, you can use your free time to visit the city or to take language courses. On your side, you have to listen to and follow the lifestyle of the family you are staying with, you take care of the children of the family (accompanying them to school, baby-sitting...) between 25 and 45 hours a week, help with small household chores such as laundry for the children, tidying their room or making them eat for example.

A bonus for the future

In addition, you should know that having worked in a foreign country is very interesting for your future job search because company bosses are sensitive to this point and are very attracted to it. Many jobs require a good command of the English language, so becoming an au pair in London will add a lot of value to your CV. Do not hesitate to put it forward during your interviews to find a job. Being an au pair in England is an opportunity open to everyone. So go for it!