Being an Au Pair is not such a simple mission. Some people tend to consider this experience a little too lightly and do not think or prepare their stay enough. Others are deluded and disillusioned when they arrive. How to make your Au Pair's stay a success? This is what we will tell you in this article.

How to make a successful Au Pair's stay abroad?

Choose a family that has the same expectations as you have.

Being an Au Pair is first of all choosing a family and this should not be done lightly. This first step is very important for the future success of your stay. It is imperative to choose a home where you will feel comfortable and at ease. Don't forget that an Au Pair assignment usually lasts several months or even several years in some cases. From a distance, it is difficult to gauge the people you talk to but do not forget that it is a reciprocal fact for them. Once the contact is established, it will be necessary to make every effort to get to know each other better and see if you can get along with each other. An email exchange is far from being enough and video calls via applications such as FaceTime or Skype are preferable. Don't forget to ask for all the details of your assignments and if possible, ask for a written contract. Of course, you will also need to do exactly what the family expects you to do so that you don't disappoint them once you're there.

Be polite and kind to the children

That's the basis. Parents trust you to look after their children and they expect a real exchange between you. Most families who use an Au Pair do not just use them to look after their children when they are not around. Indeed, they expect a real cultural exchange, whether it be in terms of language or customs. Never use vulgarity towards them and watch your attitude because you know that children reproduce what they see. If you do so, everything should go well with the family.

Communicate as much as possible

Just because the parents aren't here doesn't mean they don't want to know what happened during the day! Don't forget to tell them what you've done, what you're planning to do etc. This can be as much about the children's activities as it is about the meals you plan to make! Since you will be part of the family for a certain period of time, the parents will surely appreciate it if you talk to them about what you do in your free time. Without going into too much detail, you can tell them where you are and what time you'll be home. They won't have to worry about you coming home at 3:00 a.m., for example.

Don't talk behind your foster family's back.

When you go away as an Au Pair, you will certainly have the opportunity to attend meetings with other Au Pairs who live nearby. Although it may be tempting to tell some amusing details about your family's lifestyle or habits, avoid doing so and maintain their privacy. Remember that anything that is said could be leaked!

Take care of family possessions

During your Au Pair experience, the family may entrust you with items such as a mobile phone, computer or car. Try to take care of them. Also, the house will have to be well kept and clean! If you follow all these tips, you will be the perfect Au Pair and you will enjoy your experience to the fullest!