Thanks to the Lets Go Pair program, England opens its doors to you to start an au pair experience in London! Going abroad is a dream for many students. Among all the destinations in the world, England is one of the most coveted by young French people who are planning an excursion outside the borders. The United Kingdom is as much in demand for work, training, summer jobs or language stays as one can find there. Another strong point is its proximity to France. Fighting homesickness is not so difficult just two hours from the city of Paris! Finally, going as an au pair across the Channel is above all the opportunity to live a total immersion experience for at least 6 months. Talking every day with your host family, with the locals, is an effective way to improve your language skills! Many French people live across the Channel, apart from those who commute to and from work every day. According to the French Embassy in London, there are currently nearly 300,000 French people living in the UK. This ranks the island as the third most popular destination for French expatriates after Switzerland and the United States. Apart from the small English cities, a good part of the Frenchies have chosen to settle in the city of London for its quality of life, its mentality and its proximity to France. Why not do like them and join a host family there?

A real role in children's education

What is an au pair stay? This travel concept is not new. However, preconceived ideas on this subject are regularly conveyed. The concept of an au pair stay in England or elsewhere is mainly aimed at young people, aged between 18 and 26 years old, looking for a new professional experience. Moreover, our programme is not only aimed at young women. It is common to talk about an au pair but it is also open to boys who are willing to devote themselves to the field of early childhood. Please check below the conditions that allow this type of travel before you put together your file. Please note that the au pair's stay is not limited to taking care of the children at home, nor to carrying out household chores for 30 hours a week. You can, among other things, have language lessons every week! With childcare, the au pair becomes a kind of member of the host family in London. As such, he or she plays more than a babysitting role in the education of the little English children and in the organisation of family life. He is the one who, for example, goes to pick up the children after school (be careful not to get lost in the city!). Depending on the age of the children, the au pair can also help them to do their homework. In short, he or she is a real trainee in family assistance abroad. Moreover, our team is committed to selecting and checking the families who host au pairs for a safe stay thanks to the insurance included in your au pair experience.

Au pair experience in London on her CV

The au pair stay is appreciated by students who wish to do a gap year or a sabbatical year. It is the ideal type of program for those who still have questions about their orientation. Indeed, it is not always easy to know what you want to do after high school. Becoming an au pair allows you to be confronted with the world of work for the first time. Travelling also encourages you to surpass yourself. It allows you to get to know yourself better in order to develop a successful professional project at the end of your stay. In addition to putting a nice line on his CV, the candidate of an au pair stay in England will have the chance to discover the daily life of his host family. A universe composed of English pop rock, English breakfast, good English weather... Becoming an au pair in the United Kingdom is also a way to immerse yourself in a new environment and in the so British culture of the famous English melting pot. On the other hand, families appreciate that the au pair introduces them to their own culture. It is an opportunity to exchange on typical culinary dishes or the most unusual expressions practiced in England and in France. Who knows? You might make young English people like you want to become an au pair in France in their turn.

Become bilingual during your au pair stay

An au pair stay in the United Kingdom is also the best way to learn or perfect the practice of the language of Shakespeare in everyday life. It is, for example, possible to take English lessons on the spot. Taking language courses in England will bring you closer to your host family. Instead of wasting a lot of time at school where language skills are slowly improving, you will be able to progress at the same level as the children you will be partly responsible for. This will make babysitting easier and more regular. For sure, becoming bilingual in a few months in an English-speaking country will impress your friends when you return to France! And why not share your knowledge by giving French lessons in the UK? Find out how to become an au pair in England. As a reward for your different missions, the host family will pay you with pocket money. You will be able to indulge in occupations and hobbies that you enjoy in your free time. After working hours, you will not be able to miss the many London landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey. And if you're a fan of magic, don't forget the studio dedicated to the Harry Potter saga. Let's be clear: your stay on the banks of the Thames will be more like an unforgettable holiday than a simple work assignment. You can find all the benefits of being an au pair in London by registering on our website. If you are tempted by the experience of Au pair jobs - as they are called across the Channel - you can test your eligibility on Let's Go Pair. After you register, put together your application and find the ideal host family for a memorable adventure!

How to be an au pair?

There are not hundreds of ways to find a host family. You can try to contact one without an intermediary, by consulting ads here and there and take the risk of running into malevolent people. Otherwise, you can go through a specialized agency. There are several advantages to using an au pair agency such as ours. First of all, it can reassure you and your loved ones. We are responsible for the host families that we propose to the candidates, which obliges us to monitor everyone's behaviour and make sure that there are no worries on either side. In addition, we will assist you during the administrative procedures as well as throughout your stay to deal with possible emergency situations on site. By registering on our website, you will be asked to fill in some information that will be used to establish your profile. After having tested your eligibility for the au pair stay, our experts will contact you to compile your file. This step leads to the choice of your host family, which may have additional conditions. Finding an au pair family online is a quick and efficient way when you do not have any contacts abroad. Don't wait any longer to become an au pair in England!